Konference MEFANET 2016
KonferenceZvané přednášky

Zvané přednášky

Konference MEFANET nabídla i v roce 2017 zvané přednášky, které tradičně přednesli významní odborníci a experti z daných oblastí.

Inga Hege

Inga Hege

Institute for Medical Education at LMU Muenchen, Germany & Geisel Medical School at Dartmouth, Hanover, NH USA

Learning clinical reasoning in virtual environments

Abstract: Clinical reasoning is a complex set of skills healthcare students have to acquire during their education. However, especially in virtual environments it is still not clear how clinical reasoning can be taught in an optimal way. We developed a research-based tool following a concept mapping approach that supports the clinical reasoning process. Four qualitative and quantitative studies revealed several interesting results. For example, the patient representation influences the clinical reasoning process in various aspects. We conclude that careful emphasis should be put on instructional design aspects, such as cognitive load, complexity, patient presentation, feedback, and adaptability to learners needs.

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