MEFANET network

The MEFANET project (Medical Faculties NETwork) is aiming to develop and to strengthen the cooperation among Czech and Slovak medical faculties, as regards the progress in education of medical and health care disciplines using modern ICT. The primary objective of the MEFANET project is to facilitate the cooperation among teams from different faculties, and to ensure a horizontal accessibility of electronic teaching tools for both teachers and students. The MEFANET project is certainly not meant to affect or control teaching activities at individual faculties: all targets of the MEFANET project fully respect the independence of individual faculties.

The MEFANET network covers all medical faculties among the Czech Republic and Slovakia and it is driven by the MEFANET Coordinating Council, which is composed of representatives of all participating members. In 2012 health sciences faculties have joined the MEFANET educational network.

Medical and health sciences faculties involved in the MEFANET network


Establishment of the MEdical FAculties NETwork

This inter-university project had been prepared since 2006. The network of medical faculties (MEFANET) was finally established on 20th of June 2007 at the constitutive meeting of the Coordinating Council in Prague.
 MEFANET Scope and Purpose
 MEFANET Foundation Charter