MEFANET 2017 Conference

11th international conference of Czech and Slovak faculties of medicine, focused on e-learning and medical informatics in the education of medical disciplines

28–29 November 2017, Brno, Czech Republic

Main topics

  • Information and communication technologies and their application in the medical and health-care  education:
    • telemedicine,
    • web-based image archives, educational portals,
    • multimedia and interactive teaching tools,
    • novel pedagogy approaches,
    • simulation in medical education.
  • Electronic support in the education of bachelor and master study programmes.
  • Information and communication technologies in lifelong learning of physicians and health-care professionals.
  • Quality assessment of digital information resources,
  • Methoology for effective creation and use of electronic teaching tools,
  • Legislation issues, intellectual property rights.

Apart from general aspects of e-learning, the conference was also focused on the impact of technology-enhanced learning on a specific feld of medicine. In 2017, the MEFANET conference was dedicated to obstetrics and gynaecology.

Widening Access to Virtual Educational Scenarios

WAVES project (Widening Access to Virtual Educational Scenarios) parallel meeting was included.

Conference partners

Facta Medica Research jobs IBA s.r.o.


Helago S&T