Central gateway

The central gateway is besides ten portal instances another web-based application which collects all metadata from the web portals in the MEFANET network. A complete image about the available digital contents is constructed in this way. Students and academic staff can search and browse the contributions sorted by medical disciplines, authors, schools or multidimensional quality assessment criteria. For details, see http://portal.mefanet.cz/index-en.php.

The data format of a shared contribution is based on XMLbased RELAX NG schema language [J. Clark and M. Murata, “RELAX NG Specification”, Committee Specification 3 December 2001. Available: http://relaxng.org/spec-20011203.html.]. XML documents representing the contributions without their attachments are imported regularly with 24-hour period. The XML validation procedures are based on matching patterns specified in own RELAX NG schema.

Enter the MEFANET Central Gateway

Centrální brána náhled