4-D quality assessment

There are four dimensions which are of crucial importance when evaluating the quality of electronic teaching materials, see figure below. The first of them is an expert review: only the contributions with positive conclusion from reviewers can be published on the central gateway. The contributions with no review can be published on local portal instances only and users are warned strongly when using unreviewed materials. The review includes binary questions as well as open questions. The structure of the review-form can be localized by modifying an XML template file. The second dimension is represented by the educational level of the target group of the teaching material, which is a useful piece of information for users as well as for reviewers. Next dimension is represented by a multiple-choice classification according to the types of attachments – the enumerated scale includes static files for web-based learning as well as interactive e-learning courses encapsulated in learn management systems (LMS). The last dimension – a self-study score – shows what users think about usability of a particular contribution for their self-studies.