Common portal platform

There are two particular goals concerning the educational web platform in the MEFANET project:

  1. to unify educational web portals of the involved medical schools such that the published teaching materials are accessible horizontally,
  2. to build a common central gateway enabling easy and comprehensible content browsing.

The idea of the shared e-publishing system is based on a set of standalone web portals rather than on a centralized application hosted for all medical schools, what might be an inflexible and more vulnerable alternative solution. Each portal instance represents an independent publication media with its ISSN code and an editorial board. Local metadata describing the digital educational contents are replicated regularly to the central gateway.

There are three fundamental elements which have to be kept rigid on the parts of the local administrators:

  1. Medical disciplines linker,
  2. Authentication / authorization framework,
  3. Multidimensional quality assessment.

The other features, properties, functionalities can be adapted or localized to meet the needs of the particular schools.